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Introduction and welcome
James Stagg
Deputy Editor
The Caterer
Keynote: Embedding a digital culture into a service organisation

With an unrivalled reputation for service, John Lewis has ensured that its hospitality is as consistent online as it is in store. Tom Athron will explain how the business has embedded a digital culture into the organisation while retaining its personal experience. He will explore what hospitality operators can learn from the retail innovators and decode the digital touches that promote loyalty and profits.

Tom Athron
Group Development Director
John Lewis Partnership
Understanding the modern customer

Naveed will explain the changing consumer behaviours and attitudes towards digital technology in the on-trade with regard to website use, booking, loyalty and mobile use. He will also explore new methods of consumer segmentation, which allows operators to profile who guest are in an outlet and find out more about them.

Naveed Bhatti
Client Director
The customer journey: digital vs. real world

Would your business guests prefer to bypass reception and is check-in available on mobile? Do you really know as much about your diners as you think? We’ll explore the how to integrate a digital journey into you offer without alienating the customer committed to a more personal approach.  

  • The offline/online journey - and allowing customers to transition between the two
  • Using digital technology to tailor a more personal approach  
  • Getting the balance between marketing and revenue management
  • Best use of big data to build guest engagement and loyalty
Steve Lowy
Hotel Marketing Association (HMA)
Fergus Boyd
Group Director/Vice President of Digital & IT
Nick Davies
The Cottage in the Wood
Suzie Thompson
Vice President of Marketing, Distribution & Revenue Management
Red Carnation Hotels
Networking and refreshments
Video marketing: Getting the most bang for your buck
Unruly’s managing director, global clients, Dan Best will explain how to develop video content that will get seen, shared and loved, exponentially increasing the exposure of a given brand. He will describe how to bring emotional intelligence to digital advertising, creating better ad experiences for consumers and improved brand outcomes for hospitality businesses.
Dan Best
Managing director
Loyalty schemes – bribery or seduction

How to best communicate and engage with tomorrow’s guest. The impact of digitisation on loyalty and rewards and how to best use big data. Understand what tomorrow’s guest is looking for and learn how to ensure you deliver it. 

  • E-mail marketing
  • Automation
  • Rewards & offers, real-time vs seasonal 
  • Sales team and call centre empowerment
  • Best practice in analytics and recognition
Peter Hancock
Chief Executive
Pride of Britain Hotels
Julia Davies
The Cottage in the Wood
Kris Shaw
Digital Director
Soho House & Co
Simon Gaske
Customer Experience Director
Novus Leisure
Marketing to hoodies

How to get the marketing mix right and ensure you’re on the right platform, engaging in a meaningful way. Côte Restaurants marketing director Andrew Gallagher and Mark McCulloch from WE ARE Spectacular will describe what really matters to your next generation of guest and explain how to deliver a product and experience that will resonate with them both on site and online.

Andrew Gallagher
Group Marketing Director
Côte Restaurants
Mark McCulloch
founder & group ceo
WE ARE Spectacular
The Big Interview

Marriott’s digital services director Christina Purnell will explain how the hotel giant has built its industry-leading loyalty programme, enabling it to personalise the guest experience and anticipate their guest’s needs. In interview with James Stagg she will explore how the business plans to further enhance its mobile strategy, further develop loyalty benefits and make best use of its considerable guest data.

Christina Purnell
Director, Global eCommerce & Digital Services, Europe
Marriott International
Creating a seamless guest experience

Omnico will reveal exclusive research into the technology that caterers are using to create a seamless experience for guests. Chief executive Mel Taylor will explore which innovations operators expect to be investing in during the next three years and explain the functionality that will increase engagement and improve income. 

Mel Taylor
chief executive
Fad or future: what will be hot in 2017

We explore the technologies you need to know in 2017 and explain how to harness them in a modern hospitality operation. Our panel will discuss what innovations are likely to hit the sector this year and analyse whether they are worth the investment.

  • Where to focus social media marketing and the platforms that have a future 
  • How to harness chat bots
  • What hospitality can learn from the connected experience in modern stadia
  • Where you should look for the latest technology inspiration
Carl Weldon
chief operating officer, Europe
Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP)
Stephen Minall
Moving Food
Anthony Ganjou
chief executive
Richard Valtr
Mews Systems
Concluding comments and close